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January Circus Thinkers events

For 2022 we have decided to every month publish the planning for the next 4ish sessions on the news page on Cirkus Syd website. So, if you want to join for a block of 4 sessions you can keep an eye on what is going on and what to join with a bit of notice. Thanks to those who came to the Circus Thinkers Taster last night, it was lovely to meet new faces!

On Tuesday the 18th of January we will start discussing Chapter 1 of the book Circus, Science and Technology. As usual its not mandatory to have read the material to turn up and discuss as we use the readings to leap off the page into a (hopefully) vibrant discussion.

Tuesdays 17:00-18:30 CET via Zoom

11th of Jan - Taster session!

18th of Jan - Chapter 1 Circus Science & Technology

25th of Jan - Member sharing by Tomás Václavek on his Masters project on sound and circus

1st of February - Chapter 2/3 Science Technology

Anyone interested in circus thinking is welcome, meaning you can be an artist, producer, hobby circus fan or however you identify. The diversity makes us have more to talk about, to understand each others perspectives and learn from each others different experience of circus.

Cirkus Syd is a member organisation (bit like a gym for the circus brain) and as long as you hold membership its up to you how often you come. You can come every week, every other week, for 3 weeks and never again, it's completely up to you. You can get a membership for 4 sessions or rolling subscription. If you're not already signed up here's the link Need a membership? Here's the link


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