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International Networks we are members of

Cirkus Syd is an international NGO with membership across the globe. We are also active members in several other international networks where we take part to collaborate and share information. 

Circostrada - European Network of Circus and Street Arts

Circostrada is the European Network for Circus and Street Arts. Created in 2003 with the core mission of furthering the development, empowerment and recognition of these fields at European and international levels, over the years the network has become an important anchoring point for its members and a key interlocutor in the dialogue with cultural policy makers across Europe. 


Culture Action Europe

CAE is the major European network of cultural networks, organisations, artists, activists, academics and policymakers. CAE is the first port of call for informed opinion and debate about arts and cultural policy in the EU. As the only intersectoral network, it brings together all practices in culture, from the performing arts to literature, the visual arts, design and cross-arts initiatives, to community centres and activist groups.

CAE believes in the value and values of culture and its contribution to the development of sustainable and inclusive societies.


INCAM - International Network of Circus Arts Magazines

INCAM takes an open view in identifying those contributing to the development of circus media, and in practice and philosophy see a magazine not necessarily as a print publication, but as a curated space that encompasses reflection, commentary, news and critical debate. More broadly, we see that the purpose of a magazine is to draw connections – between one artwork and another, between artists and audiences, between people and vital information – and are committed to exploring how this role might play out within the framework of new and existing technologies.

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Baltic Nordic Circus Network

Baltic Nordic Circus Network (BNCN) is a collaborative network of 22 circus arts organisations in the Baltic and Nordic countries.

The network works to strengthen the regional collaboration and development of the circus sector. BNCN organises activities which aim to support the circus field in the Baltic-Nordic countries at large. From workshops to seminars to international residencies - for both artists and industry professionals focus on skills development, best practice, increased knowledge and cooperation as well as cultural and national identity.

BNCN's ultimate aim is to increase visibility of contemporary circus practise in the Baltic and Nordic region as well as increasing cooperation between circus organisations in the Baltic and Nordic countries.

During 2020-2022 Cirkus Syd is co-host organisation to BNCN together with Riga Cirks in Latvia. We produce and manage all projects and strategies on behalf of the network.

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