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Cirkus Syd's Circus Library

Come by during our office hours, make a cup of coffee and explore our collection of circus books!

The library is open during Cirkus Syd’s office hours, Mons - Fri. Check our residency calendar for availability


Name | Author / Editor

Demokratihandboken- prata, lyssna, förändra | ed. Axelsson, M.

Circus as multimodal discourse - Performance, Meaning, and Ritual | Bouissac, P.


The Meaning of the Circus - the communicative experience of cult, art, and awe | Bouissac, P.


The Empty Space | Brook, P.


Homemade Academic Circus - Idiosyncratically Embodied Explorations into Research in the Arts and Circus | Damkjaer, C.


Toolkit for creating contemporary circus | Degema, Z.


Det Teatrale Cirkus | Ed. Eigtve, M.


En surrealistisk familj | Eisfeldt, S., Nilsson Eisfeldt, A., Magito Brun,


Le plus petit cirque du monde - une aventure humaine Forget, D.


Me and White Supremacy - A Guided Journal | F Saad, L.


Rudolf Laban - An introdoction to his work & influence | Hodgson, J. Preston-Dunlop, V.


Sound Art - Concept and Practices | Holmes, T.


Impro | Johnstone, K.


The secret llife of Houdini - the making of the world's greatest mystifier | Kalush, W., & Sloman, L.


Women & Circus | ed. Kralj, I.


Art. Ungdomarnas konst - en metodbok | Lagzdina, L. & Bach Borius, L.B


På Livet Løs - Akademiet For Utæmmet Kreativitet - et Læringsmiljø for outsiderunge | Langager, S., Højmark, A., & Henriksen, S.


Contemporary Circus | Lavers, K., Leroux, L P. & Burtt, J.


Thinking Through Circus | Lievens, B., Ketels, Q., Kann, S. & Focquet, V


Democracy and Community | Nancy, J. & Engelmann, P


Out of Circus | Neidman, M. (photgrapher)


Conversation on Circus Teaching | Purovaara, T


An introduction to contemporary circus | Purovaara, T., Damkjær C., Degerbøl, S., Muukonen, K., Verwilt K. & Waage, S.


Circus Psychology - An Applied Guide to Thriving Under the Big Top | van Rens, F.


Chica Boom | Rhodin, T.


Rex Mundivalsen | Rhodin, T.


Stickspår | Rhodin, T.


Experimental Theater - from Stanislavsky to Peter Brook | Roose-Evans, J.


Research and Writing in International Relations | Roselle, L. & Spray, S


Perspektiv på utvärdering | Sanberg, B. & Faugert, S.


100 Clowns more or less | Steele, H T.


Turning the cube | ed. Trapp, F. & vad der Laan, H.


Circus Bodies - Cultural identity in aerial performance | Tait, P


The Routledge Circus Studies Reader | Tait, P


Cirkus i Sverige - bidrag till vårt lands kulturhistoria | Whålberg, P A.


Falling the Thought of Circus | Zaaccarini, J P.

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