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Discover the New Horizons Talk Programmes!

This week launch our new podcast, ON CIRCUS, produced by Alise Bokaldere for Cirkus Syd.

The ON CIRCUS podcast explores all things revolving around and in contemporary circus. In Episode 1 we talk to Nadine Johnson, Circus Thinker and creative professional focusing on human-centered design through colour and material, innovation, and sustainable technology. In this episode, we explore vulnerability in the digital era, age, gender expectations, and the effect our work has on our outlook on life. Nadine will be one of the speakers at The New Horizons Leadership Summit in Lund, Sweden from the 1st to the 3rd of December, 2022. Centered around the role of circus as a leader on the frontier of cultural change and innovation, the summit seeks to bring together a regional and international community of thinkers and doers shaping our collective future. The Talk programmes run through the summit as its core and frame it with its questions. We have invited an array of people who work in ways that for most of us is the future. Discover the Talk Programmes below: Talk Programme 1: Artistic Practises Friday 2nd of December, Time: 10:00-11:30 CET Alise Bokaldere, our ringmaster of conversation, introduce the talk programme series and kick it off by talking to Elena Kosovec (LT), Francesca Hyde (UK), Madeline Hoak (US) & Nick Zelle (US) about their different processes to making art. Each individual invited represents different moments of making a work, experimentation, play, interaction, collaboration, dramaturgy, the audience perspective, failure and the process for process sake. Bringing them together together represents the full process of making a piece of circus work. Talk Programme 2: The Sphere focus

Friday 2nd of December Time: 13:00-14:30 CET Saloranta & de Vylder is a framework for the collaboration between Sara de Vylder and Olle Saloranta Strandberg. They are working in the intersection of performing arts, new technology and cultural strategy. The Sphere is their large scale Creative Europe project aiming to revolutionise the way circus is funded. We meet the ringmasters Olle Saloranta, Sara de Vylder and some of their peers and collaborators including Nadine Johnson and Peter Wikström to talk about evolutionary processes, legacy and collective ownership.

Talk Programme 3: What do DAOs, Digitality & Crypto have to do with circus? Saturday 3rd of December Time: 10:00-11:30 CET In researching amongst our peers and partners, what topics that could be interesting to create talks around a wish surfaced to bring back a talk that we held in 2018. The talk was called Cryptosphere and tells the story of the first cultural event to ever be sponsored by a cryptocurrency and what then followed. We have brought back the talk and paired its author Edward Rapley (UK) with Nadine Johnson, Circus Thinker and engineer from the US and Harm van Laan (NL) from Tall Tales company to talk all things, DAOs, block chain and digitality and what they have to do with circus. This talk is moderated by Alise Bokaldere.

Talk Programme 4: Climate & Political Urgencies Saturday 3rd of December Time: 13:00-14:30 CET

In the fourth programme we have invited Nika Parkhomovskaia our alumni from the inaugral Nordic New Horizons Leadership Programme to curate the session titled Climate & Political Urgencies. Anchored in visions of being a leader today, Nika will be joined by two fellow alumnis including Marina Rieger (DE/SE) of the programme to share about their experiences, speaking about political challenges, the NHLP programme goals, agenda 2030 two public interviews with Q&A for the audience. In 2023 Cirkus Syd will be launching a continuation of the New Horizons Leadership Programme supported by Creative Europe of the European Union. Cirkus Syd will collaborate with Riga Cirks (LV) and Dynamo Workspace (DK) to deliver a 20 months project across Europe and will be launching a call out for participation spring 2023.

All Talk Programmes happen at Stadshallen / City Hall - Stortorget 9, 222 23 Lund, Sweden. To register for the Talk Programmes use the New Horizons Summit registration form HERE. You can book one or many, as you like.


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