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We are super excited to share that our first episode of the ON CIRCUS podcast is now available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts search for the episode title "The information we consume".

Our first guest is the amazing Nadine Johnson, a creative professional (and Cirkus Syd member) focusing on human-centered design through colour and material, innovation, and sustainable technology. In this episode, we explore vulnerability in the digital era, age, gender expectations, and the effect our work has on our outlook on life.

Nadine will be one of the keynote speakers at The New Horizons Leadership Summit. Centered around the role of circus as a leader on the frontier of cultural change and innovation, the summit seeks to bring together a regional and international community of thinkers and doers shaping our collective future.

We look forward to having many more amazing conversations with the rich circus community.

Happy listening!

This episode has been made possible with the generous support of Arts Council Sweden / Kulturrådet.

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