New Horizons Summit
01 Dec, 09:00 CET
Various in Lund city centre
Registration and artists, industry professionals and BNCN members tickets for New Horizons Summit 1-3rd of Dec 2022
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Categories - please note that one event can be several categories, the categories are an indication of who the events are relevant for.

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A) Artists

Events for practising artists - a mix of workshops, masterclasses, talks and performances.


Events labeled D indicate a route for BNCN members to follow. Event indicated only category D are exclusive to BNCN members. 

B) Regional

Curated to focus on the locality of Skåne - interesting to artists and professionals who work in Skåne or who want to discover the Region of Skåne. 

E) Everyone

No restrictions on suitability for summit-participants, everyone is welcome! 

C) International

Curated to focus on international exchange and dialogue - interesting to artists and professionals interested in glocal, intersectional, intercultural and transdisciplinary perspective on arts and culture. 


Offered to the public outside the summit programme.