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Double bill: Korobka & Noise Juice

As part of New Horizons Summit we present Swedish artists Henrik & Louise together with Finnish artists Mouvipussi in one big evening!

Korobka by Henrik & Louise This performance invites the spectators to a physical relationship drama between two acrobats, through documentary material and suggestive atmosphere. Smoke, music, and acrobatics are mixed with questions about circus identity, creative desire, and the art of being on stage. With subtle humor, honesty and sweat, the performance is heartfelt, and touches on universal experiences that anyone can relate to. Korobka has been described as Bergman's ""Scenes from a Marriage' the acrobatic version" and "The Norén of the circus"

Noise Juice by Mouvipussi Noise Juice is a maxed out, crazy circus performance concert that can best be described as "a beautiful rotten egg that makes your soul twist". Hopefully in a good way. Inspired by grandmothers and electronic music, three artists present their multidisciplinary vocabulary, seasoned with a 5G connection directly to heaven and hell. Prepare for an ultra-luxe soul manicure by a dark, charming trio. Tickets to the double bill only


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