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Centered around the role of circus as a leader on the frontier of cultural change and innovation, the summit seeks to bring together a regional and international community of thinkers and doers shaping our collective future.

How does circus respond to contemporary urgencies, the shifting nature of work, new technologies and renewed questions about the responsibilities and capabilities of art in society? What strategies do some people already implement in their work that offer a glimpse into what the future might hold, and how we can navigate these big questions?

The summit hosted seminars, workshops, discussions, performances, networking and an exhibition.



Equity & Inclusion in circus 

ARTiculate Pedagogy Network workshop
Stenkrossen 1st dec 09:00-13:00
(C) (D)

Specially commissioned for circus this interactive workshop helps you develop new audiences and create inclusive work environments and performances.

BNCN member meeting

For BNCN members only.
Across the programme. 

Baltic Nordic Circus Network consists of 25 member organisations across the Baltic Nordic countries working together to visualise and capacity build circus arts.

[Outside the Bo]x

Presented by Karavan Circus Lab
Stenkrossen 1st of Dec 16:30-17:30


Experimental work-in-progress by artists Andrea Salustri (IT) and Kolja Huneck (NL)

more info to come

Skåne focus networking

Presented with Riksteatern Skåne/Lund
Lund City Theatre 1st of Dec 17:30-18:30


Riksteatern Skåne & Lund office together with Cirkus Syd invite Skåne-based artists and presenters to meet.

Cirkus på Skånska
- Skåne Triptych

Presented with Riksteatern Lund & Skåne

Lunds Stadsteater / City Theatre 1st of Dec 19:00-20:45 Public

An evening of work by region Skåne based artists. Three companies present extracts of their ready to tour shows.

Talks programme 1:
Artistic Practises

The talks programmes are the core of the summit. City Hall 2nd of Dec 10:00-11:30 

(A) (C) (D) Public

Talks programme 1 focuses on putting practise and process on the centre stage. Listen to three artists converse about their radically different approaches to making art. 

Find out more...

Talks programme 2:
The Sphere focus

The talks programmes are the core of the summit. City Hall 2nd of Dec 13:00-14:30
(A) (C) (D) Public

The Sphere, a circus dao, is a research-creation project developing new ecologies of funding for the performing arts. We meet the creators followed by a panel discussion joined by further guests.

Crank Up the Heat 

Workshop with Daniel Gulko
Stadshallen / City Hall
2nd of Dec 15:00-16:30 

Methods to turbo boost creative process and sharpen your artistic brain. This workshop is aimed at circus artists and other physical movers looking for ways to develop their own and their companies' artistic work.

more info to be announced

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KVAE Outdoor performance 

by Acting for Climate
City Hall 2nd of Dec 15:00-15:30 & 17:00-17:30
Public - no ticket required

KVAE (work in progress) is a duet between musician / performer Juan Pino and contemporary circus artist Emma Langmoen.

Skissernas Circus Night

with performances, networking and music

Skissernas museum
Fri 2nd of Dec 19:00-21:30

Circus meets visual art at the Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art featuring Premiere of new solo, SOULO by Vejde Grind (SE) , a site responsive exhibition by Tall Tales (NL) and DJ phenomena Nikki Blomberg.

Talks programme 3: What do DAOs, Digitality & Crypto have to do with circus?

The talks programmes are the core of the summit. City Hall 3rd of Dec 10:00-11.30
(A) (C) (D) Public

We meet three innovative creators from the US, UK and Netherlands who embrace mediums afforded by tech in their circus work. 

Art as spiritual practise 

Masterclass with Ben Moon Smith
Stenkrossen 3rd of Dec 10:00-11:50

Circus Artists and musician Ben Moon Smith present a specially commissioned workshop for artists  to develop art as spiritual practise. 

Talks Programme 4: Climate & Political Urgencies

The talks programmes are the core of the summit. City Hall 3rd of Dec 13:00-14:30
(A) (C) (D) Public

In this talk we listen to the people who inspired the creation of the summit; The alumni of BNCN's Leadership Programme, New Horizons Leadership Programme produced by Cirkus Syd for the network in 2020-2021.
Curated by Nika Parkomovskaia.

Aeldre - winter version

Site-responsive performance for trees presented with Riksteatern Lund
Meet outside Skissernas Museum 3rd of Dec 15:00-15:40 & 18:00-18:40
Public - no ticket required

Circus, dance and Scandinavian (un)traditional music played in and around a big tree. Celebrating big trees as meeting places for local communities.

How to make a more sustainable art field 

Talky workshop 
Stenkrossen 3rd of Dec 15:15-17:00
(A) (C) (D) (E) 

Meet Acting for Climate the Nordic company and leading artistic warriors tackling the burning question of our time.

Ben Moon Smith 

City Hall 3rd of Dec 16:30-17:30

Well known for his company Svalbard here we hear the musical side of Ben's work. 
"From circus to drag, from drag to music, my journey within art has taken me to the very edges of the human experience. Always on the fringes and out of the light. I reside in the shade, my songs are voices of this shade, homage to the soul, honest and cathartic. My deepest truth." - Ben

Genre: Blues, Jazz, Soul

Korobka & Noise Juice 

Double bill with Henrik & Louise and Mouvipussi at Lund City Theatre 3rd of Dec 19:00-21:15
(A) (C) (D) (E) Public

Smoke, music, and acrobatics are mixed with questions about circus identity, creative desire, and the art of being on stage. Korobka has been described as Bergman's ""Scenes from a Marriage' the acrobatic version"

Noise Juice is a maxed out, crazy circus performance concert that can best be described as "a beautiful rotten egg that makes your soul twist".


All welcome!
Place TBA 21:30-11:00

A toast to circus underscored by the beats of DJ Gucci Belt from Lithuania.

The Sphere exhibition

Runs alongside the talks programme at the City Hall

How can you collect something that only exists in the moment? How can you make it live forever?

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