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'VAL' our headline show!

In just one week, the cities of Lund and Malmö will be transformed by the brilliance of 'VAL', a mesmerising new creation by the internationally renowned circus company, Svalbard. This multi-disciplinary contemporary performance company is poised to captivate audiences yet again, after their globally acclaimed debut performance "All Genius all Idiot", which has graced stages in over 30 countries across four continents since 2016.

About Svalbard: If you aren't yet familiar with Svalbard, prepare to be amazed. Their unique approach to storytelling has already positioned them as a heavyweight in the international arts scene, with their works known for seamlessly intertwining multiple disciplines.

The Magic of 'VAL': 'VAL' is not just a performance; it is an awakening of the imagination, a narrative of hope and resilience in tumultuous times. As day transitions to night, the cityscape will alter its visage, with international circus artists passionately interacting with this dynamic setting. 'VAL' is an exquisite blend of wooden structures and LED lights, symbolizing the confluence of the tangible and digital worlds, prompting contemplation about the trajectory of humanity. The piece probes pertinent questions: What constitutes a digital fossil? How does one find harmony in algorithms? Moreover, 'VAL' is more than a performance; it's a communal space, an invitation to gather and reflect. Noteworthy Details:

  • Curated by Svalbard company member and Artistic Director Tom Brand, the talented artists on stage will be complemented by a live Jazz Fusion band, creating an improvisational soundscape around the installation.

  • The performance is set to captivate audiences twice daily throughout the festival, offering variations to cater to diverse audiences: two family-friendly renditions and two exclusive x-rated shows. Attendees are advised to ensure they are aware of the nature of the show they choose to attend.

  • From September 7-10th, 2023, 'VAL' will make its appearance in four distinct locations across Malmö and Lund.

For detailed information about the dates and specific locations, please visit: No registration is required; just show up and prepare to be enthralled!

Celebrate with us the launch of Sweden’s new international festival, and experience firsthand the transformative power of artists and their craft.


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