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Registration open for our Live Streamed event on Roma people and circus history

Circus Brazil Jack, Sweden's oldest continuously running circus is starting a collaboration with Cirkus Syd and the Roma Information- and Knowledge Centre Malmö City (RIKC) to create a collaborative pre-study and investigate the Roma people's significance to Swedish circus.

The pre-study is a starting point for a potentially larger collaboration and we are looking at questions such as

- Why did Roma people choose to work with circus?

- How has the history of the Roma people and circus interconnected throughout Swedish history?

- How have the Roma people's culture systematically consciously/subconsciously been discriminated?

- Why has Circus Brazil Jack become so important that 1.8% of the Swedish population see their performance annually?

The pre-study also aims to get in touch with performing artists from Roma heritage as well as those interested in the questions the collaboration addresses. In order to share as widely as possible we are organising a live-streamed presentation and panel talk from Lund City Theatre. Due to the covid situation and a limited capacity we are encouraging those wishing to attend IRL to email Sign up to this event here to access the live-stream online.

Sign up to this event to access the live-stream. This event will be in Swedish language. We are currently working to see if we can provide live translation subtitles.

For questions regarding press and media please email

The pre-study is delivered with support from The Swedish Arts Council, Region of Skåne and Lund Municipality.


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