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PROTEST by Svalbard Company

Watch a special preview of Svalbard Company's first #cirkocinema experience, PROTEST, as part of Cirkus Syd's contribution to the Lund City evening of culture 19th-20th of September.

In 2019 at Dynamo Circus Festival in Odense, Denmark renegade company Svalbard create a bespoke event for the festival. Hundreds of people joined the company for a promenade performance, concert and party involving boats, saxophones, circus tesla coils (if you don't know what they are its originally an invention from 1891, where Mr Tesla dreamt of creating an invention to supply wireless electricity and designed a device which can throw bolts of lighting into the air....) and other special effects. The film depicts live and interactive footage from a time when we had a different normal for events. Watching Protest puts into perspective dimensions and elements of our lives lost and mourned this past year and reconnects us to a yearning of longing and of belonging. Find out more and get tickets...


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