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Introducing Vejde Grind

New Horizons is happy to present Vejde Grind as one of our performing artists with his new solo "SOULO"

Photo by Ingrid Otto


With a mixture of precise choreography and pure improvisation, Vejde invites the audience to an original experience, where the visual and the auditory meet in a dynamic and playful dance. The soundscape and music is created live on stage in an interplay with movement, with the help of a high-tech sound design picking up the vibrations of the Cyr Wheel. Vejde’s Cyr Wheel is made of steel, weighs 18 kg, and has a 210 cm diameter. Open your eyes, prick up your ears, and enjoy this unique Circus performance. You will be able to see SOULO at the Skissernas museum during the NHLS Skissernas Circus Night on the 2nd of December.


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