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BNCN New Horizons Leadership Programme is open for applications!

We are seeking emerging leaders for the future of circus arts! New Horizon’s Leadership Programme (NHLP) is a Baltic Nordic Circus Network project lead by Cirkus Syd (SE) in a partnership with organisations representing contemporary circus on national level in eight countries within the Baltic-Nordic and Baltic Sea Region. To support the growing contemporary circus scene this leadership project enables emerging professionals to develop their leadership capabilities within the field and ready to take on tomorrow’s challenges as producers, project managers, tour managers, board members and organisational development functions. Together with 14 partners and associate partners in 8 countries BNCN will collaborate to give emerging producers and cultural managers the opportunity to investigate and grow their own leadership capabilities.  Emerging professionals (1-2 from each country) will be hosted in a leading organisation in another country to work with agenda 2030 and grow their leadership skills. We believe that in order to strengthen the position of not only the circus field, but culture in society, future leaders need skills and competencies to impact beyond their organisation and the field itself. Thus, there is a strong demand for the development of the next generation of cultural managers and producers as strong leaders and visionaries who are equipped to deal with present and coming challenges. Target groups:

  1. Emerging professionals under the age of 30 who fancy themselves taking a leading role in contributing to and forming the future of contemporary circus in the Baltic-Nordic countries.

  2. Professionals of any age with considerable experience of working in the arts who want to transition into working with circus arts in a leading capacity.

With NHLP we aim to: ● Provide an opportunity for emerging professionals to increase their capacity and experience in regional and international level; Thus preparing and tackling challenges arising from shortage of labour, capacity and expertise in a growing market by increasing the number of employable young managers. ● Connect emerging professionals and established leading organisations in the region, creating possibilities for new collaborations in the near future. ● Creating international exchange and forming a capacity building network, thus fostering dialogue and identity in national and macro-regional contexts. To find out more and apply to participate follow this link – Deadline for applications is 8th of August 2020. NHLP partners are Cirkus Syd (SE), Riga Circus (LV), Cirkus Cirkör (SE), CircusInfo Finland (FI), Hringleikur (IS), Upsala Circus (RU), Estonian Contemporary Circus Development Centre (EE), Acting for Climate (NO), DYNAMO (Dk). Associate partners: Manegen (SE), AFUK (DK), Bærum Kulturhus (NO), Foundation Tartu 2024 (EE), Reykjavik Dance Festival (IS). The project has been made possible by the kind support of Nordisk Kulturfond and Nordic Council of Ministers


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