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ARTiculate Pedagogy Network public programme in Tallinn!

How to turn dreams into reality!? BNCN is a collaborative network of 20 circus arts organisations in the Baltic and Nordic

countries. The network works to strengthen the regional international collaboration and

development of the circus sector. BNCN organises activities which aim to support the circus field

in the Baltic-Nordic countries at large. From workshops, to seminars, to international residencies

– BNCN organises activities for both artists and industry professionals that focus on skills

development, best practice, increased knowledge and cooperation as well as cultural and national


BNCN’s ultimate aim is to increase visibility of contemporary circus practise in the

Baltic and Nordic region as well as increasing capacity and cooperation between circus organisations in the Baltic and Nordic countries.

Since 2017 BNCN BNCN members across the region have been convening who are particularly keen to develop themes of circus pedagogy.

We observe that many young circus artists teach without having a teaching qualification, let

alone any training on how to teach at all. This partly, because a specialist higher education in

circus teacher training is lacking in our region. To bridge this gap, we want to equip

professionals with tools to develop continuously at an early stage of their teaching

practise/career. The 3-5th of October we will host the 2nd meeting under the umbrella ARTiculate Pedagogy Network Strategic Meetings. This time we meet in Tallinn, Estonia and we are inviting non-members passionate about circus education to join us in the workshops on the 4-5th of October. We recommend coming two days earlier and taking part in EPICIRQ Baltic Showcase of work. We will be there too... The purpose of the meeting is to share knowledge, to dream and work towards practical tangible plans for co-delivery. We want to be ambitious and dream big and will work towards creating a strategic visionary plan to execute 2023 onwards. We want to expand our network and get new ideas and contacts. If you are invested in circus education as a topic do join us. On the Monday evening you are invited to join us to take a train to Circus Studio Folie, watch a performance and have dinner together. This extra activity comes at the expense of the train ticket and cost price for dinner. Dates: 4-5th Oct 2021 Time 10:00 - 16:00 each day Venue: Piip ja Tuut Theatre, Toom-Kooli 13, 10130 Tallinn Price: FREE Travel bursaries: Some travel bursaries are available. See registration document. We love if you join us in Tallinn, there is a hybrid option to join digitally. The days sessions and workshops will be lead by Edward Rapley, Lina B. Frank, external expert/inspirational speakers and members of the BNCN Coordination team. Register here!


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