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Romers betydelse för svensk cirkus 
(Roma people significance to Swedish circus)

Romers betydelse för svensk cirkus (RBSC)

In Spring 2022 Cirkus Syd joined a new collaboration with  Brazil Jack, Sweden's oldest continuously running circus and the Roma Information- and Knowledge Centre Malmö Municipality (RIKC) to create a collaborative pre-study and investigate the Roma people's significance to Swedish circus.

The pre-study is a starting point for a potentially larger collaboration and we are looking at questions such as

- Why did Roma people choose to work with circus?

- How has the history of the Roma people and circus interconnected throughout Swedish history?

- How have the Roma people's culture systematically consciously/subconsciously been discriminated?

- Why has Circus Brazil Jack become so important that 1.8% of the Swedish population see their performance annually?


The pre-study also aims to get in touch with performing artists from Roma heritage as well as those interested in the questions the collaboration addresses. In order to share as widely as possible we are organised a live-streamed presentation and panel talk from Lund City Theatre.  

The pre-study is now done and can be downloaded (in Swedish) here. 


For questions regarding press and media please email 


The pre-study is delivered with support from The Swedish Arts Council, Region of Skåne and Lund Municipality. 

The project has developed into a 3 year project as a collaboration between Cirkus Brazil Jack, Cirkus Syd and the Roma Information and Knowledge Center, Malmö city. The first out of the three years has received funding and will include: 

  • 250 Roma children attending the circus premiere, meeting the cast and making connections to understand that circus is part of their cultural heritage and part of Swedish cultural heritage. 

  • We will create a seminar about cultural heritage, traveller history and the circus' parallel paths, specifically with the Human Rights days (MR-dagarna) and Folk & Kultur (People & Culture) events. 

  • We are creating an co-authored article, and a short film about cultural heritage

  • We will research into the period in Swedish circus history between 1960-1980 when the classical/traditional and the new circus came apart from each other. 

  • We will keep researching about Roma people with a connection to Swedish circus 

  • We will produce a live-streamed seminar on cultural heritage in relation to Roma arts and culture focusing on circus and on music. 

The year 1 of the project has been supported by Kulturrådet/Swedish Arts Council, Region of Skåne and the City of Lund. 

Seminar: Circus - an escape. Roma traveler people's perspective on circus

Cirkus Syd are together with Cirkus Brazil Jack and Romskt informations- och kunskapscenter participating in the Human Rights days in Örebro together on the 18th November 2022'

Based on the pre-study "Roma's importance for Swedish circus", Cirkus Brazil Jack, RIKC and Cirkus Syd discuss the Circus as a historical and contemporary refuge for those who deviate or are not welcomed in general society, with a particular focus on Roma and travellers.

What is the situation today for a travelling Circus? Can the circus's intercultural approach - which is both national and international, both ethnic and trans-ethnic - set a good example in a world that is increasingly characterized by ethno-national currents? How do we include the Roma minority in our common Swedish cultural heritage? We explore these and many other questions together with the audience during our seminar.


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