Overview of active projects

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Circus Thinkers Platform

2020 -

Circus Thinkers Platform is a space to read, think, talk, learn and reflect collectively with others across the globe. 
The programme runs weekly sessions and members collaborate to create projects and publications. 

Read more and register on the activities page. 

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MAXI at Stenkrossen

2021 - 2023

Lunds kommun is supporting Cirkus Syd during 2021-2023 to keep growing our networking platform for international research, development and innovation based in Lund at Stenkrossen - via Lund municipality's 3 year incubator programme for art, culture and innovation; MIDI.


This follows on from the work on our 1 year MIDI project which looked at organisational management and legal structure and explores at possible ways for associations/organisations to be global  and democratic without compromising sustainability and quality. 

Come see us at Open Office to find out more (see events page - on pause due to covid.) 

Project Partners: City of Lund, Stenkrossen (SE), Lund City (SE)

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2021 - 2022

The circus' sonic world is rich and varied, from subdued footfalls on sawdust to the roar of the crowd. The sound of the traditional circus is something most of us can imagine. But how does contemporary circus sound?

Join the public discussions on our activities page. 

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Image by Pawel Czerwinski
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Dramatic Fields

2021- 2022

Baltic Nordic Circus Network (BNCN) partners Cirkus Syd (SE), Cirko – Center for New Circus (FI) and Arts Printing House (LT) are collaborating to support 30-year-old professional circus artists from the Nordic and Baltic countries to explore together the structures and practices of meaning making in circus, ie. circus dramaturgy.

Project Partners: Cirkus Syd (SE), Riga Circus (LV), Cirko Centre for New Circus (FI), Dynamo Workspace (DK)

Associate partners: Ørkenfortet/AFUK, Estonian Contemporary Circus Development Centre


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ARTiculate Circus Education

2018 - 2022

ARTiculate Circus is our strand to develop the future of circus education. 
We have two active projects under the ARTiculate Circus Education strand: 

ARTiculate 1.0 bringing together experienced circus pedagogs from 9 countries in the Baltic Nordic Sea Region to develop methods for artistic thinking in circus training and education. 

The project bridges practises of contemporary, social and traditional circus training with theatre, dance and contemporary circus practises of pedagogy. 

Project Partners: Cirkus Syd (SE), Riga Circus (LV), Sirkunst (NO), Arts Printing House (LT), Nycirkus Öst (SE) Finnish Youth Circus Association (FI), Sirkus Studio Folie (EE), AFUK (DK)

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ARTiculate Pedagogy Network - where through a series of strategic meetings members of BNCN and interested collaborators create a strategy for us to work on developing circus education in the Baltic Nordic region from 2022-2026. 

Project Partners: Cirkus Syd (SE), Riga Circus (LV), Sirkunst (NO), Arts Printing House (LT), Nycirkus Öst (SE) Finnish Youth Circus Association (FI), Sirkus Studio Folie (EE), AFUK (DK)



2019 - 2022

CircusLink brings together 4 different regions of Europe to create pathways for increased and sustainable touring contemporary circus productions. Cirkus Syd via BNCN is associate partner of this project representing the network in the project.

Lead by Archaos and the International Biennale of Circus of Marseille (FR) we work to develop a digital platform and new pathways for diverse contemporary circus to meet audiences. 

Project Partners: Baltic Nordic Circus Network (Cirkus Syd), Archaos (FR), Teatro de Didascalia (PT), Letni Letna (CZ) and Dynamo (DK)


Riga ICCE Development


In 2018 Baltic Nordic Circus Network with Riga Cirks and Manegen produced an international conference of circus education Riga ICCE. The conference became a larger venture and a larger success than the team had anticipated and as such the urge to create a second conference is strong. Part practical part philosophical the event on the 16th of September we are inviting partners and gathering professionals representative of organisations and groups across the Baltic Nordic countries to co-create the agenda for the next Riga ICCE 2022 – International Conference of Circus Education.

Image by Laura Louise Grimsley