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Circus Thinkers Platform is a committed group who read, reflect and discuss contemporary circus based on literary stimuli chosen by the group itself driving the discussions forward - organised by Cirkus Syd. It's open for anyone to join, at any time from anywhere in the world. We meet weekly on a Tuesday and discuss. Topics range from philosophical to scientific and have ranged from metoo, the circus' economic mechanisms, the influence of neoliberalism on circus art, circus' in relation to porn and love, and environmental perspectives on circus art's artistic development.


Circus Thinkers Publication 2020 is a collaboration between some of the members. Those who wanted to participate were given space to elaborate on themes that have come up during the year. To create something joint that can be shared with the circus field in general. 

This is our first attempt, we hope you enjoy the eclectic mix it turned out to be. 

 ISBN 978-91-985816-1-4


Circus Thinkers Publication 2020 (hard copy print)

  • We regret that we can't refund items damaged in the postal handling or if you simply change your mind and would like to unbuy the publication. 

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