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Circus Thinks: Conversation 2022 is the second publishing project produced by the Circus Thinkers Platform.
Following Circus Thinkers: Reflections 2020, the aim of this volume is twofold: first, to record and share conversations and dialogues, and second, to ponder the nature of conversation itself. dialogues in this volume are explorations, exchanges prompted by big questions or inspired by iconic people. The question that traverses the volume is a methodological one: what does circus conversation entail? Every contributor determined the answer for themselves and approached their text with freedom of format, direction, and subject matter.



Circus Thinkers Members: Lina B. Frank, Morgan Anderson, Valentina Barone, Jason Dupree, Jordana Greenblatt, Madeline Hoak, Nadine Johnson, Elena Stanciu, Tomáš Václavek, Nick Zelle. 
With dialogue partners: Sebastian Kann, Marica Marinoni, Gry Lambertsen, and Alise Bokaldere. 

Circus Thinks: Conversation 2022

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