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Sound, Architecture and Perceptions, our 4th Public Discussion on Circus and Sound

Next Friday the 21st of January we will hold our 4th Public Discussion in a series on circus and sound. The Public Discussions form part of our project Circosonic, an enquiry into circus as a sound dimension.

Circus sounds different in different spaces -- tents, fields, theaters, living rooms, rooftops. In this fourth public discussion, we’ll address the question, how does the sound of circus change based on the architecture in which it takes place? We’ll also tackle the idea that the human body is an architecture in which circus can resonate, and therefore, each person’s perception of circus sound is different too. Lend us your ears and ideas for this exciting fourth conversation!

As part of Cirkus Syd and the Circus Thinkers Platforms new project Circosonic this discussion is the second in a series about circus and sound.

This project is funded by Kulturbryggan.


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