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Roma peoples significance to Swedish circus - live-stream at Lund City Theatre

Cirkus Syd is starting a collaboration with Brazil Jack, Sweden's oldest continuously running circus company and the Roma Information- and Knowledge Centre in Malmö to investigate the Roma people's significance to Swedish circus. Cirkus Syd's role in the project is to support Brazil Jack in the projects development and delivery. During the project we will ask questions such as: - Why did Roma people choose to work with circus? - How has the history of the Roma people and circus interconnected throughout Swedish history? - How have the Roma people's culture systematically consciously/subconsciously been discriminated? - Why has Circus Brazil Jack become so important that 1.8% of the Swedish population see their performance annually? The pre-study also aims to get in touch with performing artists from Roma heritage as well as those interested in the questions the project addresses. Initially the project spearheaded by Cirkus Brazil Jack has been supported by The Swedish Arts Council and the Region of Skåne to create a pre-study and live-stream a seminar with a panel talk at Lund's City Theatre on the 10th of February 2022. Save the date - more info to come! Date for the diary 10th of February 2022! Project supported by Swedish Arts Council, Region of Skåne, Lund City. Bild: Cirkus Brazil Jack.


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