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NEW DEADLINE Pre-study for new circus festival!

The City of Lund has commissioned CS to conduct a pre-study for a new circus festival via their project funding stream. Cirkus Syd (CS) is an international NGO and networking platform for research, development and innovation based in Lund, Sweden.

CS is supported by the City of Lund via several of their funding strands including project funding, activity funding for children and youth, as well as, the 3 year organisational development incubator support MAXI at Stenkrossen Cultural Centre. Since 2022 Cirkus Syd also holds an operational grant as a national organisation of interest for the international development of contemporary circus from Kulturrådet / Swedish Arts Council.

As part of our MAXI support we work to find new areas of operation with specific focus on local, regional and national/international cooperation. We seek to find new avenues to collaborate with organisations and artists, venues and educational institutions and we aim to find ways of connecting to new audiences within and outside of the cultural field.

Fill in our form to directly contribute valuable information on the topic. There are no restrictions, any professional person or organisation is welcome to fill it in, be excited, have opinions or ideas. Cirkus Syd will then collate the information, draw conclusions and present the report. Excited future audiences to the festival are encouraged to email with ideas and opinions.

For the information to be part of the official report deadline to fill in this form is 5th of March 2022. It is of course possible to fill in the form past this date to supply further information. LINK TO FORM LINK TO BOOKING SYSTEM FOR INTERVIEW If you would like CS to create a pre-study for a festival in your area please get in touch. This study is support from the City of Lund.


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