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NHLP-EU is kicked off!

Our European project - New Horizons Leadership Programme (NHLP-EU) - has been successfully kicked off!

We are very thankful to everyone who joined us and participated in the two full days of talks, workshops, networking meetings and performances!

Among the highlights from the Kick-Off Conference we can name:

  • Three insightful seminars, by Erik Åberg, Marie-Andre Robitaille, and Media Evolution, respectively.

  • A kick-off workshop, facilitated by Edward Rapley, in which the fellows and experts participating in the programme were officially paired up and started their collaboration

  • Networking events and inspiration from our partners in the project, during the introductory session to the conference.

The conference was hosted at the launch of the Southern Sweden Circus Festival, which meant the participants attended performances, talks and events in Lund, and got a taste of the upcoming festival.

We are very excited to follow the NHLP-EU participants in their mentorship journeys and individual explorations of leadership.

This project is led by partner organisations @rigas_cirks @dynamo_workspace and @cirkussyd and it is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


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