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New substitute board members for Cirkus Syd

Two new substitute or supporting board members were elected at the AGM in December 2019 at Mejeriet in Lund, Sweden.

Nathalie Wahlberg has been involved in the circus field in Sweden since 2012 as a practitioner, research assistant and freelance producer. In 2014, she was appointed Manegen's general manager and was then also assigned to train Sweden's first official Circus Consultant (Cirkuskonsulenten). Nathalie has also worked as a project manager and production assistant in the circus at Subtopia in Stockholm and collaborated in projects with the Circus Cirkör. Since the fall of 2017, she is based in Denmark where she studies at the KAOSPILOT Enterprising Leadership Program.

Edward Rapley works in the arts as a performer, director and strategic consultant.

Imagine a wizard in a cave who can help you solve problems and make decisions. You just need to know where to find him.

Edward is motivated by the politics of liberation and mutual aid in his work with helping people found artist led collectives. He is a member of Residence and based in Bristol, UK.

Edward was part of Cirkus Syd's international advisory board during 2019. Interested to know how to get involved?


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