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Merry christmas and happy holidays!

From Cirkus Syd to you!

Thank you all for an incredible year with ups and downs. Luckely positive things grows from the negative. For Cirkus Syd the year 2020 has given us the opportunities to create and focus on new projects and evovle in new ways. We have already stuffed the spring of 2021 with workshops, a seminar and an online circus cinema programme. Our christmas present to you will be a little teaser of what we have on the programme:

CIRKUS SYD SEMINAR AND WORKSHOP PROGRAMME During 2020 we held a modest seminar and workshop programme whilst trialling what could work at our new home at Stenkrossen Cultural Centre in Lund. For Spring 2021 we will bring back the EU Funding Mapping Seminar and convert it to digital by popular demand. We will host sessions about practically communicating about your project via interactive seminars on how to craft excellent project descriptions and pitches. And we will hear from inspiring researchers and professionals who've observed and/or observed cultural or societal change. We will be able to learn more about Agenda 2030 and how to integrate it into our organisations and we will dip into hearing about artists artsts processes.

CIRKUS SYD CINEMA For the first time Cirkus Syd presents a circo-cinema experience! After our online screening of Svalbard Company’s extravagant PROTEST back in autumn, we’re ready to host a programme consisting of four circus films to watch online in spring 2021. The programme is almost finished, with a diverse selection of motivational, entertaining and honest films, circulating around the many aspects and understandings of circus in the past present and future. The diversity is within language, purpose, genre, length and emotion of artistic quality, hoping to tease the curiosity of the audience.

23-24th of February / En Equilibre 20-21th of March / HYLKY 24-25th of April / The Circus Director 22-23th of May / ~ Secret movie to be announced ~

Read more and registre here for notification when we announce the full event.

We couldn't have done it without all of your support, thanks for all the support. Merry christmas, happy new years, stay safe and see you in 2021!


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