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How to make real big cross-disciplinary productions like Pirjo Yli-Maunula

HYLKY is the documentation of an live-performance, where nothing is left random. Music accompagnies the immersive storytelling, told by 8 artists shifting around, while the camera follows as a first-person interaction. Everything seems to have double meaning. Time and space seems to be blurred. And as a viewer you're left with the feeling of empathy, wanting more and impression of WOW! How, how, how? How can one successfully balance all these parts into one piece without loosing the red thread? We've asked director Pirjo Yli-Maunula about all this. Together with moderator Kim Campbell and Mie Jakobsen, they met last saturday to record the artist talk of the making of HYLKY.

Get to know every detail about how this wonderful piece of cross-disciplinary art was shaped and executed. Many great questions and answers await you in the weekend of 20-21th!

The artist talk video is released together with the actual documentary and can be watched both before and after. Book your ticket now and read further details for screening in the link below:


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