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Acrobatics Masterclass in Lund

Cirkus Syd and Circus Open Training Lund are co-hosting an Acrobatics Masterclass with French Circus Artist and Acrobat Justin Collas! The masterclass will take place at Stenkrossen Lund on the 4th of October between 17:30-21:00.

Justin's words on the workshop:

"Between acrobatics and movement, technique and improvisation, circus and other horizons.

In this workshop you will appropriate your learnings into your own movement quality and research, improving your range of possibility, discovering air time and movement patterns.

After a list of playful games, I will help you to discover or rediscover acrobatic tricks and find a way to put them together in your own interpretation. Then bring you different creation tools to find the freedom to move like you’ve always wanted to."


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