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Accepting nominations for new board members!

We are expanding and as such we need new ideas, fresh perspectives and increased capacity on a governance level. We welcome nominations of persons of every background and experience level. You can nominate yourself or some one else. We welcome nominations from both members and non-members. The board members of Cirkus Syd are passionate and excited about our mission statement (§1 of our association statues): §1 Form and purpose

The association is independent, apolitical and secular. The association will support projects and ideas that link and bring together Skåne both nationally and internationally. The association fulfils its purpose by promoting:

* work for circus, art and culture.

* collaboration and development of structure and new opportunities.

* innovation, entrepreneurship, DIY, DIT, artistic research and creative research.

* political exploration dimension and depth

* culture as a player for democratic participation

* Culture as the basis for an equal, diverse, prosperous society

* culture as a player to challenge the status quo Being on the board is not an operational role in CS. This means the board does not do voluntary work for the organisation. The board supports the organisation with advice on governance level. We meet 4-6 times per year according to need and will engage in visioning and resilience exercises/workshops to support strategic planning and sustainability of CS. You do not need any kind of previous experience of being part of a board to join. Register and RSVP yes: If you would like to attend the next Extra AGM please fill in the form (members only). Register and RSVP no: If you would like to nominate someone but not attend the Extra AGM. Deadline for nominations for this round is 24th of October 2021.


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