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A message from Rebecca, Earth Mother...

A message from Rebecca, Earth Mother of Cirkus Syd. "I Love show biz. I love backstage. I love new impossible projects. I love the contemporary analytic of our society it gives. I love the magic we create. I love the stories that we tell. I love the images we create. We are in this situation together and we will make it, and if we will not make it with the current form, then we will manage through the transformation. If anyone can, we can. With years of insecure employments (if any employment), never a paid holiday, we who always have to save up in-between our contracts, always have extra money just I'm case, we who try to be on parental leave only if possible, we who tour, build, tear down, clean stages before entering.

All you freelancers and small venues within the field of art - You are the survivors and if this will end the way it is now we will create a new way because that's just who we are." Backstage with small baby 2017 at Arise Amazons


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