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New Horizon’s Leadership Programme (NHLP) is a Baltic Nordic Circus Network project lead by Cirkus Syd in a partnership with organisations representing contemporary circus on national level in eight countries within the Baltic-Nordic and Baltic Sea Region.

To support the growing contemporary circus scene this leadership project enables emerging professionals to develop their leadership capabilities within the field and ready to take on tomorrow’s challenges as producers, project managers, tour managers, board members and organisational development functions. During this workshop participants from hosting organisations involved in the New Horizon’s Leadership Project will prepare and grasp how to host a young emerging leader within their organisation.


Together with 14 partners and associate partners in 8 countries BNCN will collaborate to give emerging producers and cultural managers the opportunity to investigate and grow their own leadership capacities.  Emerging professionals (1-2 from each country) will be hosted in a leading organisation in another country to work with agenda 2030 and grow their leadership skills. Participating Countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Russia. Emerging Leaders from Lithuania will also be accepted to apply.

We believe that to strengthen the position of not only the circus field, but culture in society, future leaders need skills and competencies to impact beyond their organisation and the field itself. Thus, there is a strong demand for the development of the next generation of cultural managers and producers as strong leaders, who are equipped to deal with present and coming challenges. This program is created for young confident and proactive initiative taking persons to be able to develop into leaders employable by the field and ready to take on tomorrow’s challenges.

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