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Festival study

Exploring creating a new festival in south Sweden

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The festival is currently being developed with the City of Lund, City of Malmö, Circus Brazil Jack with support for the further development of the idea from Kulturrådet / Swedish Arts Council. 

Cirkus Syd (CS) is an international non-profit association and network platform for research, development and innovation based in Lund. CS is supported by Lund Municipality through several grants including project financing, activity financing for children and young people, and the 3-year incubator support for organizational development MAXI at Stenkrossen.


As part of our MAXI support, CS aims to find new areas of activity with a special focus on local, regional and national cooperation. We try to find new ways to collaborate with organizations, artists, places and educational institutions, and strive to find new ways to connect with a new audience.


On behalf of Lund Municipality's cultural administration, we have produced a feasibility study on starting a new circus festival. The study is in Swedish and will also be published in English if the need arises. We want to express our greatest gratitude to everyone who participated and the next step will be to gather in August for a meeting on how we can further develop the concept, as well as to do a supplementary study on using Cirkus Brazil Jack's tent in the festival. The study is designed by Katie Holloway for Cirkus Syd.


The study may be cited as long as it is clear that the quotation comes from the study and is not distorted in the context.

Download the study here

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