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Spring is full of activities you can't miss

Fill your calendar with exciting events and seminars. We have projects that succesfully continues from last year together with brand new. Spring 2021 we are introducing a larger seminar and workshop programme than previously. In light of the pandemic we will focus on inspirational talks and useful capacity building to prepare for a different and brighter future. Everything is open for registration now. Go have a look of all the options on our activites pages here!

Just to give a little taste on some of the many options you have, we can tell a bit more about...

Workshop & Seminar Programme: Starting an artist lead space happening on 07th of April

by Ed Rapley

As we emerge from the pandemic artists can benefit greatly from organising with each other and establishing physical spaces where they can work, socialise and pool resources.

This workshop will take you through the basics of starting your own collective with friends, co-workers, fellow artists and other people in your area.

Using a format based on the ideas of the “dreamer, maker, editor” cycle we will explore what you want and how you can get it!

Meet Contra Projects on 25th of March

Producer Nicole A’Court-Stuart will talk about her work with circusnext laureate Laura Murphy and their collaboration ContraProject. Nicole is a freelance producer based in Bristol UK. She produces Circus City festival & Laura Murphy’s total theatre award-nominated feminist solo, Contra. She is currently developing her practice supporting performance projects to explore their research & commitments across multiple platforms, including social engagement & digital content.

EU Funding Mapping seminar on 14th of April

Have you always thought it was a good idea to apply for European/international funding, but never actually done it? Did you google Creative Europe and get lost on the European Commissions website of endless pages and guidelines?

In this introductory interactive workshop to EU and international funding we map our collective knowledge and talk through what kind of projects and partnerships work for different international funding streams. A springboard go ignite your enthusiasm to find out more about ways of working internationally and maybe even apply for some money before not too long!


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