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It's a wrap! Southern Sweden Circus Festival was lunched with a big bang!

We did it! Thanks for coming to share these intense and wonderful 4 days with us to launch the Southern Sweden Circus Festival together with Malmö & Lund Municipalities.

We were blown away by the enthusiasm and curiosity by audiences in Gullviksborg and Kroksbäck. It was lovely to disco with you under a rainbow lite whale skeleton at Stortorget Malmö, blown away by the children in Lindängen who made the most wonderful circus personas (which we hope to share soon!). Seriously inspiring at the Inspire seminars thanks to Erik Åberg (who brought out a real 2500 year old mammoth bone...) Marie Andrée Robitaille and Reeta Hafner. Thank you to all of our audiences, nearly 5000 over the 4 days. Thank you to Lunds Kommun, Malmö stad, Stenkrossen, Swedish Arts Grants Committees international circus programme, Region Skåne, Arts Council Sweden, Riksteatern Skåne, Cirkus Brazil Jack, Pernilla Conde Hellman, Mårten Hafström, Mårthen Mirza, Vintercirkus, Romskt informations-och kunskapscentrum Malmö stad, Malmö City Samverkan, Lund Comedy Festival, Regional Kulturskola, Stockholm University of the Arts, Svalbard Company, Marie Andree Robitaille and Cirkusperspektiv, Erik Åberg, MKB, Flamman, Hermodsdals ungdomsförening, Dynamo Workspace, Rigas Cirks, ZigZag, Afganska Kulturföreningen, Media Evolution, Tilde Björfors, Malmö in the Making, Markus Aarøy Vikse, Imogen Huzel, Andrea Hilario, Lindängens bibliotek/allaktivetetshus och fritidsgård, Kreativa Europa,

Crew and Volunteers! Biggest shout out to Svalbard Company who brought their epic whale and toured it around the festival! We are missing some photographs below, there is more to come! Here is a taster and check as we will fill up! Thank you and see you soon! Next big event for your diaries is New Horizons Summit 7-9th of December 2023!

Fotografer: Claudia Svensson, Jason Dupree, Anders Roos, Maja Gallstad.


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