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Introducing Ældre by ENT

New Horizons invites you to the site-sensitive performance Ældre.

A site-sensitive performance for a big tree.

Circus, dance and Scandinavian (un)traditional music played in and around a big tree. Celebrating big trees as meeting places for local communities. Premiere 2022.

We explore the trees in their different dimensions and create a performance based on musical and movement-based storytelling. By being able to play in all places where there are big trees, we can reach local communities all over the world. We will mainly work in urban and rural areas in northern Europe. We interview and interact with the people on site to explore the trees and creating contact with the local community.

The show will be aimed at a broad target group and will work well for families with children of all ages. We see the show as a gathering place for all generations.


Mira Leonard – circus artist

Karoline Aamås – circus artist

Daniel Jeremiah Persson – dancer

Ester Thunander – musician

Love Kjellsson – musician

Associated researcher Sara Erlingsdotter.


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