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Giedrė Putramentaitė - the new BNCN coordinator

We are entering a new era for the Baltic Nordic Circus Network as the coordinator title is being handed over from our very own Lina B. Frank to no other than Giedre Putramentaite, the former project, and community manager.

We want to extend our warmest welcome to Giedre as she steps into this role. We wish Giedre all the best in her new role and are excited to see what changes this will bring.

We want to thank Lina for all the dedication she's shown as the former Baltic Nordic Network Coordinator. Here are a few words from her:

"I'm so excited to see this transition happen. I've worked as network coordinator for BNCN for the last 6 years and it's been brilliant what we have achieved in this time. I will still be very much involved in the network as representing host organisation Cirkus Syd and a strong ally and partner in our projects"


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