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Annual Report 2021!

For just shy of two years, Cirkus Syd – and especially the Circus Thinkers Platform, which I’ve been a part of for this whole time – has filled an important role in facilitating intellectual exchange and community during a period of reorientation and recalibration on societal, industry-wide, and personal levels.

The launch of this program coincided with the early lockdowns, and the intensity of that time laid the foundation for a core group that has been willing to follow each others’ curiosities and define a way forward without needing to dictate the destination beforehand.

Our primary concern has always been with how democratic our processes, conversations and projects could be, and this has fostered a culture where everyone involved can claim true ownership over what Circus Thinkers is and is becoming. That includes anyone new to CS who may be interested in jumping in and contributing their voice and perspectives for any length of time.

Cirkus Syd is at an exciting time as an organisation. In our meetings, public forums and interactions with our projects, it is clear that there is hunger for spaces to think critically about and with circus, its contexts and its cultural meanings. I was pleased to be able to join the board at a moment when CS’s emergent vision seems to be elaborating itself in a range of activities that, when taken together, form a coherent and yet still fluid shape.

- Nick Zelle (US), Cirkus Syd board/ Circus Thinker Click on the image to download the document:


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